Twitter Exploded With Jokes During Frontline's Documentary About The Financial Crisis

Frontline Twitter

Photo: Lisa Du, Business Insider

Everyone’s got their own opinion on  the last part of Frontline’s “Money, Power & Wall Street” documentary that aired last night.Naturally, people took to Twitter to voice their thoughts and criticisms of Frontline’s chronicle of the causes and effects of the financial crisis.

We compiled the funniest, most insightful Tweets for your enjoyment.

Alcohol naturally played a part the night's documentary-watching.

A reminder to the 2012 campaign—

Advice to banks sometimes applies to the White House too.

Was the narrator's voice ominous?

The fact that Fannie and Freddie weren't mentioned made viewers mad last week... and this week.

Politico's Ben White seemed a little miffed that he wasn't in the documentary.

But he was full of insights on Twitter.

Austan Goolsbee, who spoke in the documentary, offers clarification on a segment about Geithner being named Treasury Secretary.

Still, everyone was talking about who was worse in front of a camera: Tim Geithner or Ken Lewis?

Some didn't think the documentary was hard-hitting enough.

The criticism spanned a wide array of topics.

Noam Scheiber, who was featured in the piece, offers some clarification re: Larry Summers.

There was also a reminder of Larry Summers' arguably most epic action as President of Harvard.

We're willing to bet this documentary will be used in economics classes in the future.

Jessica Pressler of New York Mag always notices the small details.

Only in America, indeed.

A significant point on Dodd-Frank.

Bloomberg News took the government to court to get documents from the crisis, many of their exposes were also mentioned in the documentary.

You can't make a documentary without a conspiracy theory.

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