The Most Generous Suburb In Every Australian State And Territory, According To Data

National Australia Bank’s Charitable Giving Index is out today, with data on donations in Australia.

NAB’s economics team analysed credit card, debit card, direct debit, BPAY and EFTPOS information to come up with the figures, which show donations increased 2.5% in August 2013 (12-month-average).

From the report, we’ve pulled out the most generous suburb in each Australian state and territory — based on the average dollar figure per person.

The data highlights the generosity of particular suburbs, though according to NAB residents from higher income postcodes tend to donate the most in dollar terms, but do not necessarily donate the most as a share of their incomes.

NSW - Mosman

A man jumps into the water at Balmoral Beach on October 10, 2013 in Sydney, Australia.

Mosman is the most generous suburb in New South Wales, with residents there -- on average -- donating $204 per person.

Mosman is also the most generous of all the suburbs in Australia, though the suburb is one of the richest in the country.

Queensland - Fig Tree Pocket

Fig Tree Pocket, a leafy suburb on the Brisbane river is the most generous in Queensland.

Residents there, on average, donate $166 a year.

The suburb is home to some of the most expensive river-front property in Australia, with luxury homes there selling for more than $9 million.

South Australia - Kingswood

Kingswood comes out on top in SA.

People who live there give, on average, $173 per year.

Victoria - Brighton

Brighton, 11 kilometres south-east of the Melbourne CBD, is the most generous suburb in Victoria.

Residents there part with an average $168 per year.

Western Australia - Nedlands

Nedlands is the most generous suburb in Australia's mining capital, with residents there coughing up an average, per person donation of $155.

Tasmania - Sandy Bay

In the apple isle the most generous suburb, with an average donation of $110, is Sandy Bay

The Australian Capital Territory

Australia's capital is actually the most generous state or territory in the country. The average spend is $124 per person which is almost double the national average of $64.

The most generous suburb in the ACT is Ainslie, with an average kick-in of $174.

The Northern Territory - Winnellie

In the NT, the most giving area in terms of dollars per person is Winnellie, with residents there donating $81 per year.

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