The best funded Australian Kickstarter campaign ever is for a set of revolutionary headphones

Australian startup nura, which designs new high-tech headphones, has just become the most funded Australian Kickstarter campaign ever, raising $1.2 million in just three weeks.

With still 11 days of the campaign to go, nura has raised more than eight times what the inventors set out to achieve, from almost 4,000 backers.

To put this phenomenal support in perspective, only 1% of Kickstarter projects globally reach more than $1 million.

The cash raised will goes towards developing new headphones that learn and adapt to your specific hearing.

To do this, the headphones integrates unique soundwave technology to automatically measure your hearing — from the outer ear all the way to the brain — and adapt music perfectly to you.

See the science behind the headphones explained here.

The Melbourne co-founders and inventors Kyle Slater, Luke Campbell and Dragan Petrovic have been blown away by the support.

“Through Kickstarter, we aren’t just pre-selling our product and raising funds to enable us to begin mass production, we’re also building relationships and learning from innovative and visionary backers,” nura co-founder and CEO, Kyle Slater said.

“The Kickstarter funds will be used on tooling for mass production, regulatory certifications, sourcing of materials, and distribution.

“We’re really excited to be Australia’s most funded Kickstarter and we believe this is a strong indicator of the demand for rich, quality experiences in this golden age of music.”

The nura team: Wilson Shao, Luke Campbell, Kyle Slater, and Dragan Petrovic/ Supplied.

Founded in April 2015, nura has received funding from the Melbourne Accelerator Program, and is a graduate of the HAX Accelerator.

It expects to run its first production test in September, then hopes to be ready for mass production by March next year, and if all goes to plan, the product will be ready to ship by April 2017.

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