The Most Expensive Headphones : Orpheus by Sennheiser

Showcased during the Seoul International audio show that was held in Korea earlier this year, these headphones from Orpheus lay claim to being the most expensive ever for more then 2 decades. Like the recently emerging trend, these headphones too have a high asking price not due to a blingy gimmick which would have the manufacturer haul up an existing design and encrust it with gold but rather its features and focus on quality. ‘Orpheus’ is the world’s most expensive electrostatic headphones since it was introduced in 1991.

The Orpheus is limited to only 300 pieces worldwide with the price of each being $40,845 USD. Each headphone is assembled by hand and boasts of gold plated contacts. The gold in this case is not for looks, but on the contrary for its metallic properties which make it one of the best conductors thus resulting in a minimum signal loss. The Orpheus has an output of 118 db at its highest. The primary reason for its high cost it the amplifier that the Orpheus sells with and which is in fact an integral part of the headphones.

The Orpheus system comes in two parts, the electrostatic headphone (HE 90) and the headphone amplifier (HEV 90). The unique technology of the ‘Orpheus’ headphone circuitry is housed in an unparalleled headphone design of timeless sophistication. This open-back electrostatic headphone design is based on the professional technology of the push-pull transducer, which is also employed in Sennheiser’s studio condenser microphones.

While the Orpheus did not initially debut at this price, most of these 300 headphones are now in the hands of private collectors and its current estimated value is around 30,000 Euros.

A more detailed review can be read on Stereophile.

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