The Most Delusional Apple Fanboy Spin We’ve Seen About The Maps Debacle

iphone 5 apple maps red x
Apple’s new Maps app on iPhone.

Apple blogger Jim Dalrymple of The Loop recently posted an email from a reader regarding the whole Apple Maps debacle and the release of Google Maps on iPhone.The headline Dalrymple used was, “Apple pulls one over Google” and the email he posted implies that it was Apple’s plan all along to make Apple Maps a horrible experience to force Google to make a better mapping application for the iPhone.

(A little background: One of the reasons Apple ditched Google Maps was because Google wouldn’t agree to provide advanced data like turn-by-turn navigation. So Apple was forced to ditch Google to come up with its own solution. That solution stank.)

Anyway, that is some twisted, bizarre spin. 

Apple screwed up. Tim Cook even apologized for screwing up. Apple lost this round to Google. Period.

Dalrymple would probably argue that his intention in publishing the email was to show “users win.”

Yes, users did win in the end, but not in the way Apple planned.