The Most Dangerous Celebrities To Search For Online

megan fox

Searching for Megan Fox online could put you at risk for malware.

Megan Fox and Selena Gomez are among the most searched celebrities on the web, and they’re also the most likely to put you at risk for a virus.This morning, McAfee released its list of the most dangerous cyber celebrities to search online. 

The list takes a look at everyone from popular actors and athletes to musicians and comedians, most targeted by cybercriminals to lure audiences to sites filled with malware to steal both passwords and personal information. 

As expected, the list includes mostly women; however, missing from the list are top newsmakers Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, and Kristen Stewart.

Jimmy Kimmel knocks Brad Pitt off this year’s list, becoming the sole male to make the top 20 in 2012. 

We were surprised by many of the celebs who made the list.

10. Sofia Vergara

Five of the top 10 most dangerous people to search online are Latina, according to McAfee.

Vergara appeared in this summer's 'Three Stooges' film and plays leading lady Gloria Delgado-Prichett on Emmy-winning 'Modern Family.'

9. Salma Hayek

The Mexican native starred in this summer's box-office fizzle 'Savages' and recently made headlines for her German Vogue interview when she claimed she 'hardly had any memories of what it is to be Mexican.'

8. Cameron Diaz

We were surprised by the inclusion of the 'What to Expect When You're Expecting' actress.

However, her role in 'Bad Teacher' last summer brought her back into the limelight.

7. Shakira

She's making a comeback to music in the U.S. with summer hit 'Get It Started' featuring Pitbull.

The 'Hips Don't Lie' singer also boasts one of the most popular Facebook pages on the Web, and was named among Forbes' Social Media Superstars of 2012.

6. Megan Fox

The former 'Transformers' actress announced her pregnancy with husband Brian Austin Green earlier this summer and is still a popular mainstay on Facebook.

5. Halle Berry

Berry values her privacy and fiercely shields her daughter from pesky paparazzi, going so far as to take them to court after getting too close.

After much drama in her personal life this year, there's currently a lot of buzz around her upcoming film, 'Cloud Atlas.'

4. Selena Gomez

Gomez shot up in popularity after going public with her boyfriend--teen pop prince, Justin Bieber. But with that, also came the online haters and cyber-bullying.

Most recently, the grown-up Disney actress has appeared in racy trailers alongside James Franco for 'Spring Breakers.'

3. Eva Mendes

The '2 Fast 2 Furious' star is currently dating one of People's sexiest men and frontrunner for the '50 Shades of Grey' adaptation, Ryan Gosling.

2. Jessica Biel

Be careful when searching the soon-to-be Mrs. Justin Timberlake.

Biel rose two spots from her number four spot on the list last year. This summer, the actress appeared in 'Total Recall' and 'The Tall Man.'

1. Emma Watson

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