The Most Damning Information Viacom Dug Up On Google And YouTube

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During 2005 to 2008, YouTube execs said a lot of dumb and nasty things to each other in emails and instant messages.Thanks to Viacom’s lawsuit against YouTube-parent company Google — and the court’s decision to release a “statement of undisputed facts”  — you get to read it all!

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So, why are these emails relevant to a court case?

Viacom wants to prove that YouTube’s sole purpose back then was to capitalise on illegal content. The emails and IMs do seem to show that YouTube wanted illegal content on the site to make it more “viral” and prevent it from being an also-ran in the Web video race.

The emails and IMs also seem to show that Google knew about this plan when it bought YouTube for $1.65 billion in 2006.

The problem for Viacom is that YouTube also housed plenty of user-generated content, so it wasn’t strictly about the illegal content.

But, while the emails and IMs contain “no smoking gun” — as Peter Kafka at Media Memo has noted — there is plenty of embarrassing information for the rest of us.

Here’s a sample of most embarrassing statements from YouTube and Google Viacom dug up >

Here's an embarrassing start. Jawed uses dopey slang.

Viacom tries to show they clearly knew they needed illegal content.

YouTube tries skirting the law

More on the copyright

This doesn't necessarily kill them, but boy is it embarrassing

We have to make our site as entertaining as TV

This shows YouTube wrestling with what the site is -- User generated, or a place for pirated content?

YouTube was getting too good at removing illegal content, which worried the founders

Cover your arse!

YouTube tries to disguise its worst behaviour

YouTube is reliant on pro-content. (Duh)

Curse words are always funny.

YouTube founders know they won't get sued because they're still small

Google knows that YouTube is built on piracy

Viacom wants to convince the judge that YouTube is Grokster...this sure helps.

Is YouTube Googley?

Doing what YouTube does is evil

This is optimism, folks.

YouTube was told to focus on growth, which may have led to lax copyright policy

So now you know the real story of YouTube's founding…now learn about Facebook…

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