This Mesmerizing Graphic Shows Which Cancers Are The Most Common And The Most Deadly

Which cancers affect the most people in the U.S.? And which ones are people most likely to die from?

Biotechnologist David Taylor created the visualisation below for his blog and gave us permission to reproduce it here.

The larger the size of the pie, the more people affected. The larger the red slice, the higher the death rate. You can mouse over the pie charts for more information about each kind of cancer.

Most people know that particular kinds of cancer occur more frequently than others but may not know how much variation there is in rates of survival. Breast and prostate cancers are the most common, with a 5-year survival rate of 86.4% and 98.8% and a 20-year survival rate of 65% and 81%, respectively. Lung cancer, a close third in prevalence, has a 20-year survival rate of 6.5%. The deadliest is pancreatic cancer, which has a 20-year survival rate of just 2.7%. Taylor pulled the data from a blog post by Edward Tufte of Yale University, which was based on a 2002 study in The Lancet. While things have changed since then, that study gave a very complete picture of the mortality rates of different kinds of cancer, making it useful for an analysis of relative prevalance and mortality. h/t Slate

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