The most beautiful iPhone calendar app is now available for your Mac

Day ViewFlexibitsFantastical 2’s Day View

Fans of popular (and beautiful) iPhone/iPad calendaring app Fantastical 2, rejoice: After a four-year wait from the original Fantastical, the second version is available for Apple Mac OS X Yosemite computers today. And it’s looking good.

Fantastical 2 has been redesigned from the ground up for OS X Yoesmite, says developer Flexibits, integrating with iCloud for reminders, the notification center for alerts, and Handoff support to handle kicking events between an iOS device and the desktop. Other new features include a full calendar window to see a day, week, month, or year at a time and support for birthday reminders.

The coolest feature of Fantastical 2 by far is its support for natural language, which is a fancy way of saying that you can quickly add events just by typing in “meeting with Mark Zuckerberg at 3pm at Chipotle.” It takes a lot of hassle out of making new events, and Flexibits says it’s been expanded in Fantastical 2 to better understand what you mean. In fact, it now lets you put in actions like “remind me to” or “alarm at 3pm.”

The mobile versions of Fantastical 2 found a lot of fans among people annoyed with the shortcomings of Apple’s own calendaring app. Since Fantastical 2 for Mac supports iCloud, Google, and Yahoo calendars, many users may never look back to any official app, regardless of their phone of choice.

But a picture is worth a thousand words, so check out some screenshots of Fantastical 2 in action:

Fantastical 2 Today WidgetFlexibitsThe Fantastical 2 calendar integrates with Mac OS X Notification Center to give a view into your schedule.
Fantastical 2FlexibitsEven from this mini window, users can enter events using natural sentences.

Initially, Fantastical 2 will sell for $US39.99 at the Mac App Store and the Flexibits store. After that, the price will go up to $US49.99.

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