9 Of The Most Amazing Office Spaces On The Planet

The places we work shape the work we do. Research shows that natural light leads to higher test scores in schools, plants reduce stress in the office, and spaces with high ceilings tend to promote creative thinking.

Culled from Architizer’s second annual A+ Awards, which are chosen by 300 experts and a popular vote, these are a handful of the most amazing office spaces in the world.

They are spaces we’d love to work in — warehouses transformed into airy workrooms, newsrooms of the future, and offices that double as laboratories.

The BBC Broadcasting House in London brings together nearly 6,000 of the British broadcaster's employees.

The Autodesk headquarters in San Francisco is equal parts office, laboratory, and workshop.

The office of shipping company Drukta and mailing company Formail in Kortrijk, Belgium, epitomizes northern European cool -- shipping containers are turned into sleek workspaces.

The Heavybit Industries building in San Francisco is a massive retooling of a three-story warehouse.

Consumer goods company LF USA has its New York office in one sleek floor of the Empire State Building.

The LYCS Architecture office in Hangzhou, China, turned a storage space into minimalist heaven.

The 72 Screens building in Jaipur, India, is surrounded by decorative concrete screens, to ward off the city's extreme heat.

The Dear Ginza building in Tokyo is as avant-garde as the neighbourhood it's named for.

The curved exterior of the FKI building in Seoul, South Korea, saves the space from intense sunlight.

Now that you've seen the interiors, check out the exteriors

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