The Most Addictive Web Video Sites: Netflix, Veoh, C-Span


Netflix’s (NFLX) online movie streaming is only a small part of its business. But boy is it popular with subscribers! According to Nielsen, it’s the top Web video site measured in time spent per viewer.

Netflix watchers spent an average 200+ minutes viewing in February, according to Nielsen. This makes sense, as it’s only measuring the people who can watch Netflix videos are paying subscribers, who can only watch full-length feature films and TV episodes; no clips.

Nielsen’s stats were published in a lengthy report about the online media landscape. You can see (and download) the 20-page PDF below.

After Netflix: Veoh,, and The CW’s target audience — young “Gossip Girl” watchers — are probably the textbook set to watch video on the Web. (If only the CW would fix its terrible video player.)

Meanwhile, Hulu — the site co-owned by News Corp. and NBC, specializing in full-length TV shows — is in sixth with about 175 minutes per user in February. YouTube, by far the biggest site in terms of audience size, is far down on the “addictive” list. Its users spend less than 100 minutes per month on the site. That is not surprising, given its focus on clips and not longer videos.

Nielsen report

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