The Morrison government is ‘quietly’ aiming to have no asylum-seekers’ children left on Nauru by the end of 2018

Aerial view of Nauru. WikiCommons

The remaining 40 children of asylum-seekers still living on Nauru will be relocated to Australia by the end of the year.

A report in The Australian today revealed the “unofficial timeline” had been set and the number of children on Nauru has halved in the past nine weeks.

On Monday, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said his government had been “quietly” working to remove children from the island.

“We’ve been getting about this quietly, we haven’t been showboating about it … we’ve just been getting on with it in the ­appropriate way,” he said.

Children held at processing centres peaked at 22 in August, 2014. The Australian reports Department of Home Affairs figures show 46 children have been born on the island to asylum-seeker parents since the memorandum of understanding with Nauru was signed in 2013 by the Gillard government.

In the past week, 13 of the relocated children had been transferred to hospitals in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth.

A recent poll in The Sunday Telegraph showed around 80% of Australians supported getting all children off Nauru as soon as possible.

However, Morrison told 2GB that moving children off the island was not an indication of any softening in the Federal Government’s stance on illegal asylum-seekers.

“You don’t get children off Nauru by putting more children on Nauru by weak border protection,” he said.

You can read the full report here at The Australian.