The Morgan Stanley Reality Show Airs To Rave Reviews

*The Markets Associate*

Goldman isn’t the only firm making movies about itself.NYMag noticed that Morgan Stanley has a new short film called, “Futures and Options,” starring 10 or so Morgan Stanley employees the bank selected to play their wonderful selves in a ~5 minute long recruitment video about their lives.

It’s kind of like Yale’s “That’s Why I Chose Yale,” video, except, sadly, there’s no singing.

We want to make fun of it, but frankly, these 10 should be proud that Morgan Stanley wants them to represent the firm.

Except for the guy who’s seeing the future happen in the present – which really is something impressive – they’re all doing really boring stuff, like smelling milk, making smoothies, and hitting their alarm clock, and yet Morgan Stanley is like, this is awesome! Let’s make a movie about it and show the world how cool our people are!

And OMG – lightbulb! This is why people want to work at Morgan Stanley. Because our milk will go rotten, we’ll be forced to wake up at ungodly hours, but our employer will think that is really cool. Morgan Stanley will think that we are really cool.

They might even make a movie about us. And – we might get a pink sticky note slapped on our back, and a high five. Mm, dreams.

In the words of *The Markets Associate* – it’s gonna be an awesome day!

Watch the short on Morgan Stanley’s careers website, or check out NY Magazine’s clip below:

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