Jack Dorsey On The Moment That He Realised Twitter Was 'Amazing'

Twitter cofounder Jack Dorsey explained one of the moments where he first realised the power of the site.

Speaking to an audience at the Financial Times’ 125 event in London, Dorsey was asked how politicians can connect with voters using social media.

Dorsey explained how crucial it was that business leaders and politicians use social media to reach people, remarking that “there’s a real thirst for humanism.”

He went on to share a moment that he said stood out to him as showing the power of the platform.

After Obama was elected, Dorsey said he watched a speech that came after 100 days of the Presidency. Obama was speaking to Congress, and Dorsey was watching it live on CNN. “The camera panned around, and a lot of them were on their phones,” Dorsey said. “I thought ‘Wow, that’s rude, why aren’t they paying attention to the President?'”

But then Dorsey realised what the senators were doing on their phones.

“I got a buzz in my pocket, and my home senator, Claire McCaskill, was tweeting about her friend, the President. I just had this moment of feeling suddenly close to my government. Anther human on the floor had typed it up personally. It reached me and I could reply and have a conversation with my senator.”

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