The Moment A Radio Host Asked The Australian Prime Minister To Her Face If Her Boyfriend Was Gay

In an interview aired last night in Western Australia, 6PR radio host Howard Sattler asked the Prime Minister if her hairdresser boyfriend was gay.

Sattler phrased the question as a chance to dispel rumours, though Julia Gillard shut him down.

“Howard let me just bring you back to earth, you and I have just talked about me and Tim living at the lodge, we live there together as a couple, you know that,” she said.

Gillard said it was absurd, though Sattler kept at it.

“But you hear it – he must be gay, he’s a hairdresser,’’ Sattler said. ‘‘It’s not me saying it.’’

‘‘Oh Howard don’t be ridiculous, of course not.’’

Now he’s been suspended from broadcasting pending an internal review.

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Here’s the video, via Channel Ten:

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