The Mobile Ad Market Keeps Surging

millennial media ad impressions

Photo: Business Insider Intelligence

Mobile ad network Millennial Media reported earnings yesterday and beat analyst estimates. Millennial is interesting as a bellwhether for the overall mobile ad market (as well as a strong business in its own right). Our view on mobile advertising is basically the following: 

  • Mobile advertising is going to keep growing pretty fast as more people buy more smartphones and spend more time using them (even though it won’t ever catch up with eyeballs) and advertisers start to cotton up to mobile advertising ;
  • It probably won’t be an enormous market for many years as the kind of specific location-based ad format that could unlock tens of billions of dollars in value will be a long time coming; we estimate the overall US opportunity at $6.6 billion in 2017.

Millennial Media’s surge shouldn’t surprise anyone. But it shouldn’t lead anyone to believe mobile will be as big as some say. 


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