Check Out How Screwed Up The Mobile Ad Market Is For Successful Developers

messy baby food taste yumWhat a mess!

Photo: dhgatsby via Flickr

The mobile ad market today is where the web ad market was 10 years ago, says Evan Conway the CEO of One Louder, which makes a number of successful mobile apps.He has half a dozen apps, a million unique users daily, and serves one billion ads per month. To manage that inventory, Conway uses 25 mobile ad networks.

That number shocked us. It also surprised Conway.

“When we launched One Louder, we didn’t think we’d have to get into this. We thought we’d just get rich plugging into one ad network,” says Conway.

To manage that load, he had to build his own technology and hire four people to manage the ad traffic.

Conway says the mobile ad market is just “really, really fragmented. There are probably hundreds of ad networks.”

We smell a big time consolidation coming and a lot of new startups to manage ad serving.

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