Uh Oh: Alleged Mistress Of Former RBS CEO Was Promoted Twice While He Was Head Of The Bank

fred goodwin

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Last week we found out that the former CEO of RBS, Sir Fred Goodwin, had obtained a super-injunction to hide an alleged affair with a senior banker that worked for him.Now it’s being reported that Goodwin’s supposed mistress was promoted twice under his watch.

And British MPs aren’t happy.

RBS was the recipient of a £20 billion (about $33 billion USD) bailout, and politicians want to know about every detail that may have contributed to Goodwin’s decision-making process while he was CEO.

The Telegraph reported that last Thursday, Liberal Democrat John Hemming said, “The question about Fred Goodwin’s management of RBS is whether it was managed in stakeholders’ interests or run as a personal fiefdom. That his mistress was promoted twice while he was chief executive is something the FSA needs to look at,” 

Goodwin is married with two children, and obtained the superinjunction to keep the details of his alleged secret liaisons hidden from the press. Originally the rumour was that he’d done so to prevent the press from labelling him a “banker.”

But because the topic was breached on the floor of the British parliament, the press was able to report the news — it’s against the law to mention the details of a super injunction but because politician, Lord Stoneham, referred to the alleged affair during a debate at the House of Lords, “his comments are protected by parliamentary privilege.

A High Court justice has since modified the injunction to allow reporting of Goodwin’s name, but information about the alleged affair and the woman’s name, is still protected.

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