The Milwaukee Bucks Lead The NBA In Money Lost To Injury

Brandon Jennings Milwaukee Bucks NBA Basketball

Photo: Flickr/Steve Paluch

HoopsWorld conducted a study on the amount of money teams have spent on injured players so far this year, and the Milwaukee Bucks lead the way.They’ve paid more than $7.8 million on players who missed games a third of the way through the season. 

HoopsWorld calculated the number of games lost to injury, and the amount of money players were owed for those games. They found NBA teams have already paid nearly $80 million to players sitting out games.

Milwaukee has suffered 72 missed games, and the team’s total is so high because Michael Redd, who carries an $18.3 million salary, has been hurt all season. Meanwhile, the Trail Blazers lead the league with 102 games lost to injury, but have paid just $5.1 million to those players.

The New Orleans Hornets have lost the fewest games to injury with six, and the Phoenix Suns have lost the least money at $570,297 over 16 games lost to injury.

Read the full report over at HoopsWorld >

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