The military is two years away from unleashing its real-life Iron Man suit

Stark Industries has some competition.

The Department of Defence is two years away from unveiling their Iron Man-like suit. Known as the Tactical Light Operator Suit (TALOS), it can repel bullets, help lift heavy objects, and provide life-saving oxygen. The suit also comes with 3D audio, heating and cooling systems, and embedded computers.

It’s so futuristic that President Barack Obama himself proclaimed “we’re building Iron Man” last year.

The Department of Defence was inspired to create the suit after an American commando died kicking in a door during a raid in Afghanistan, CNN reports. The suit will better protect soldiers and allow them to be more lethal when out in the field.

The TALOS suit is a battery-powered exoskeleton that weighs just over 13 pounds. It attaches to the back, thighs, and feet, and allows its wearer to carry an additional 33 pounds. The suit will also come with a unique form of liquid body armour that solidifies on command. The wearer triggers a magnetic or electrical current to activate the armour.

The U.S. Special Operations Command partnered with DARPA in 2013 to engineer the suit. It’s unclear how much the body suit will cost, but a 2014 Defence Tech article estimated it at $US80 million.

Tony Stark still one-ups TALOS when it comes to flying, though.

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