The Military Needs To Get Its Carbon Emissions Under Control

Oil’s up to almost $61. [Bloomberg]

Green car gold rush anticipated thanks to fuel standards. [Reuters]

Joe Romm says Chuck Todd is a fool, and doesn’t get climate change reporting. [Grist]

The military needs to cut its carbon footprint, big time. [NYT]

Refiners screwed by new fuel standards. [Reuters]

IPO market is the key to saving the renewable energy market. [Reuters]

GE research in NY receiving $2 million and $5 million per year for five years from the government. [Daily Gazette]

Why isn’t Exxon involved in more M&A? [FT]

Oracle’s end to end push into the smart grid. [Greentech Media]

The UN starts to draft its agreement on cap and trade. That means getting 192 nations on the same page. [Bloomberg]

Cars not expected to shrink under Obama’s new fuel standards. [Bloomberg]

They’ve found the missing link for the human species. [Guardian]

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