The Military Is Spending $4 Million On A Project To Make Enemy Soldiers Hallucinate

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This post originally appeared at The Week.As the military’s technology arm, the defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is charged with ushering in the future of field combat, developing everything from hypersonic planes to robotic allies. But a new project hinted at in the Pentagon’s defence budget is piquing outsider interest thanks to some seemingly bewitching connotations: The agency is being granted $4 million for a project known simply as “Battlefield Illusion.” Here’s what we know about the military’s “magic plan“:

What does the project call for?
The goal is to develop a way to confuse the enemy with “auditory and visual” hallucinations to lend our troops a “tactical advantage,” says Noah Shachtman at Wired. The project aims to use new technologies similar to the misdirection techniques utilized by magicians. 

Read the rest of the story at The Week. 

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