Here's The Stylish Crossover That's Going To Help Mercedes Conquer China

Mercedes-Benz’s new engineering center in Beijing opened in style with the introduction of the Vision G-Code design concept. The stylish crossover SUV — conceived in Beijing under the guidance of Mercedes’ main design center in Germany — is a vehicle the company envisions one day filling the streets of Asia’s megacities.

According to the Stuttgart-based auto giant, “The [design features a] combination of emotion and intelligence which conveys modern luxury in a compact form. As a result, the G-Code is also a perfect fit for today’s understanding of design in China.”

Mercedes-Benz is the Grand Poobah of Germany’s three major luxury brands. BMW and Audi and numbers two and three. However, Chinese luxury car buyers have reversed that hierarchy. Audi and BMW have risen to the top of the luxury car market in the country, while Mercedes has lagged.

One of the hottest and fastest growing segments in the automotive business is crossover SUVs. For Mercedes, if the G-Code concepts becomes a reality, it could break the stranglehold currently maintained by BMW’s X3/X6 and Audi’s hot-selling Q3/Q5 models.

So far, the G-Code is just a design study, but with demand for crossovers running high in China, it’s entirely possible we’ll see a production G-Code hit the market in the future.

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