GM Advertising Over The Years (SLIDESHOW)


Watch the new ad, and its predecessors →

After finally going into banckruptcy yesterday, General Motors will launch a new national ad campaign on TV, radio and in print tomorrow. The ads are supposed to supposed to say: FYI consumers, this whole ordeal “is not about going out of business” but “about getting down to business.” So there.

The ad  — made by Deutsch, an advertising agency owned by the Interpublic Group of Companies — is just the latest in a long line of campaigns from GM that hit two major points: 1) If you love you’re country, you love GM, and 2) It’s a new GM.

Obviously none of these ads worked in the long run. Hopefully that means cynical Madison Avenue types can finally stop with the condescending notion that “real” Americans will buy a product because it’s American made, whether or not it’s made well.

Watch the new ad, and its predecessors →

Or skip ahead:

  • Smarter GM (2009)
  • See the USA in your Chevrolet (1952)
  • The Heartbeat of America (1987)
  • Getting to know you (1990)
  • Like a rock (1993)
  • An American revolution (2005)
  • This is our country (2006)

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