The MCG is cutting the cost of food at the footy by up to 40%

A Four ‘n’ Twenty pie at the MCG will cost $4 from next month. Photo: Getty Images.

A pie at the footy is an Australian tradition, but the cost was making it look like a luxury, although with the other gourmet-level prices, but in an unprecedented move that will have hungry sports fans rejoicing, the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) is cutting the costs of popular food and drinks.

Prices will fall on eight staples such as Four ‘N’ Twenty meat pies, hot chips and hot dogs, as well as sushi and salads.

Food prices at the MCG

The best news is for anyone who’s been stung paying $5 for bottled water during a day at the cricket after listening to the ground announcer tell patrons all day how important it was to keep hydrated. The price drops 40% to $3, the 2001 price. Soft drinks also fall $1 to $4.

The new prices begin in April at the AFL match between Richmond and Carlton. A meat pie will drop 80 cents to $4.

The price cuts are the result of a $14 million, seven-year deal with the MCG’s hospitality supplier, Epicure.

Melbourne Cricket Club CEO Stephen Gough said he believed no other major venue or sporting event in the world – except perhaps the Augusta National Golf Course – could match the MCG prices.

“We have listened to the fans, we understand their affordability concerns and we are very confident that this initiative will be extremely well received,” Gough said.

The deal does not includes franchises such as Red Rooster, and there will be no cut in the price of alcohol.

But the MCG is also promising an affordable kid’s meal deal, while hot dogs fall $2.50 to $4.

Bay 13 sports fans will be leading the Mexican wave at news that sushi prices are slashed 26% from $6.80 to $5 and salads are down 30% to $8.

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