The Master Of Persuasion: Interview With BJ Fogg


How do you use persuasion to change others’ behaviour — or your own?

2 days ago, I held a live Q&A with my mentor, Stanford psychologist BJ Fogg. He’s the father of the field of Captology — Computers As Persuasive Technologies — and he taught me most of what I learned in psychology and persuasion early on.

It was a fascinating call.

We covered material on:

  • Classic psychology studies on behavioural change and persuasion
  • Theoretical concepts from academia as well as applied techniques we’ve developed — and tested — ourselves
  • Rich examples of how humans behave irrationally — and how to use this to ethically influence others
  • Using persuasion techniques to get a dream job
  • Live Q&A with readers on how to motivate themselves, how to stay focused on an idea, our favourite psychology books, and more

My new technology system limited the number of concurrent listeners to 1,001, and we had 1,001 the entire time.

I thought I’d share some of the comments from people who attended:

@ramit I got more out of BJ’s answer to my decision paralysis question than in years’ worth of literature I’ve read. thank you so muchless than a minute ago via webDanny LamasDannyLamas

thx @ramit + @bjfogg for webinar. Amazing scientific insights on getting foot in door, becoming an expert, persuasion & behaviour change.less than a minute ago via webErica Oh MartinettiEricanista

@ramit thanks for the awesome webinar. That was the best 1hr I invested in my life.less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhoneBentrakmotn

@ramit @bjfogg Loving the webinar guys. Really enabling. I’ve already written down (and acted upon) my steps for achieving my long term goalless than a minute ago via webJohn Anyasorjanyasor

@ramit The interview with @bjfogg is amazing. It is highly practical. Thanksless than a minute ago via webAnanth Majumdarthisisananth

Really digging the foot-in-the-door persuasion effect in this @Ramit Sethi / @BJFogg webinar.less than a minute ago via EchofonLindsay Lennoxlilennox

@bjfogg & @ramit – thank you for last night’s webinar. Fascinating stuff I’ve already been able to apply.less than a minute ago via webBrad WilsonBradleyCW

Here are some of the other areas we covered:

  • How a classic persuasion technique increased persuasion from 17% to 76%
  • How “self-persuasion” increased persuasion 3% to 32% — on a major behaviour
  • The psychology of “baby steps”
  • Why “motivation” is overrated (ever say, “I just can’t get the motivation to work out / work on this project”?)
  • Using behaviour to change attitude (read that again…it’s opposite of what most people think)
  • Why we’re certain we’d leave a dangerous smoke-filled room…but why a simple intervention reduced that number from 75% leaving the room…to only 10% (and how you can protect against negative social influence)
  • Why “educating others” with more information is overrated
  • Persuasive triggers that work better than information alone
  • BJ’s tip on having your clients fall in love with you
  • A killer technique when doing group presentations
  • What the best salespeople and extroverts have in common — and how to systematically study it and adopt it
  • The difference between deep academic studies and pop psychology (and the value in both)
  • Our respective favourite books on psychology, influence, and persuasion

I’ve put together the full 1-hour recording for you, along with a transcript and recommended book list.

This is free to readers of “I Will Teach You To Be Rich” — but if you find it useful, as others have, all I ask that you do two things.

1. Treat it as something you spent $1,000 on. Use it. Implement it. Don’t just listen to it and then move on with your life. There are dozens of profoundly useful and applicable techniques that you can use to kickstart a project, get out of a rut, improve your health, make more money, improve your relationships, excel at work, and challenge your beliefs about behavioural change.

2. Tell 3 friends about it. Every one of your friends has an area of their lives where effective persuasion techniques could help them excel. I kept it free so you could spread the ideas that BJ and I talk about. In a profound way, you have the chance to help your friends accomplish more. What could be more powerful than that?

Again, I invested thousands of dollars and 16 hours of work to put this webcast together. And it’s yours free, because I know that by investing in you now, you’ll be back to invest in my work — whether my free material or my premium courses.

You can get the recording of BJ Fogg and me, Ramit Sethi, here:

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