6 amazing plot twists that are missing from 'The Martian' movie

When Andy Weir published his sci-fi novel “The Martian,” readers praised his attention to detail and scientific accuracy. It’s arguably the reason the book became a bestseller and, now, a blockbuster movie.

If you want to know what parts of the story screenwriter Drew Goddard and director Ridley Scott chose to leave out, we have your answers.

Weir told Tech Insider that Goddard and Scott incorporated his feedback into the script. But Weir said he was disappointed the movie left out Watney’s first line in the book: “I’m pretty much f***ed.”

“I guess there’s only so many F-bombs you can drop in a PG-13-rated movie,” Weir joked.

Although more of the book stayed intact than we expected, the movie version does leave out some cool and nail-biting scenes in the novel.

Keep scrolling to see some of the best moments the film’s producers missed.

Warning: Spoilers ahead if you haven’t read the book or seen the movie.

The film adaptation of 'The Martian' keeps the bulk of the beloved science-heavy plot intact.

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But it does skip some important scenes and details in the book.

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1. Like when Watney realises he's accidentally turned his Mars hab into a bomb, due to some miscalculations in his turn-rocket-fuel-into-water formula.

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In the book, Watney has to drain the hab of oxygen so the air won't ignite, and turn down the temperature -- that way, he doesn't kill off soil bacteria that's helping grow his precious potatoes.

The movie just skips straight to the explosion:

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2. The airlock on the hab does break in the movie, but in the book the whole affair is a lot more complicated. Watney has to straight up 'MacGyver' himself out of the situation with duct tape and a one-armed spacesuit.

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3. In the book Watney gets really fed up with NASA bossing him around. So when the water reclaimer breaks, he ignores NASA's instructions, takes the whole thing apart, fixes it himself, and puts it back together.

After all, how are they going to punish him for not following orders when he's millions of miles away?

4. Watney may sass NASA, but the book contains a devastating moment when he accidentally destroys Pathfinder: his only way of communicating with Earth.

The movie completely leaves out this heart-sinking plot twist.

Dismayed, Watney sets out on a 3,200 kilometer trek to Schiaparelli Crater -- where the next manned mission is supposed to land on Mars. It looks like a pretty easy trip in the movie.

5. But in the book, the journey does not go smoothly. Watney has to navigate around a massive dust storm.


6. And after he manages to skirt the storm, his rover flips over while he's driving down into the crater.

Courtesy Twentieth Century Fox

This first Martian vehicular accident is also missing from Goddard and Scott's film adaptation.

YouTube/20th Century Fox

So the movie is missing a few critical scenes, but it's still pretty true to the book (and full of science).

Giles Keyte/20th Century Fox

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