SHAQ ATTACK: The Possible Future Careers Of Shaquille O'Neal

Shaq Album Rapper

What is Shaq going to do next?

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To the shock of no one, Shaquille O’Neal has decided to call it a career. The injury-plagued final season he had surely wasn’t how he wanted to end his playing days, but he can take solace in the fact that he is one of the greatest centres of all-time.

Shaq is also ended up being one of the most beloved celebrities in the world. His stardom off the court has a lot to do with his charisma and his constant presence in various media and public circles.

While living his life out loud, Shaq has compiled a long list of achievements and even picked up a lot of job experience in several career fields.

So to answer the question of what he’s going to do next, Shaq can do whatever he darn well pleases.

Shaq: The Pitchman

Shaqzilla starred in commercials throughout his playing days, so he must know a few guys and gals in the industry.

Shaq: The Thespian

This is an easy transition for Shaqachusetts. Everyone knows how great he was in Kazaam and Blue Chips, but have you seen Steel?! Run, don't walk, to the nearest video store and get yourself a copy.

Shaq: The Broadcaster

Shaq was once quoted saying that he would love to one day host his own radio or TV show. Staying true to his word, the Shaqtus took some broadcast journalism classes in 2009.

Shaq: The Politician

Shaq would be a pitch-perfect politician. Star power rakes in the votes, and he's the master of press conferences.

Shaq: The Rapper

Um. Maybe this should be considered a Plan B.

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Shaq: The Coach

The Big Aristotle must have picked up some coaching pointers from Doc Rivers while sitting out practically the entire second half of the 2010-2011 season with an injury.

Shaq: The Police Officer

Shaq is actually already halfway to becoming a police officer. While with the Lakers, Shaq trained at the Los Angeles County Sherriff's Reserve Academy. He also joined the Miami Beach Reserve Academy. After being sworn in, Shaq witnessed a hate crime and provided the tips that led the assailants' arrest.

Shaq: The Reality TV Show Producer

Shaq had one well-documented foray into the reality TV world with his show Shaq Vs., but he was also in another reality show about his 2005 playoff experience called Shaquille. Additionally, he hosted a weight loss show called Shaq's Big Challenge. It's plausible that Shaq Diesel has a few other ideas, and reality programming is one of the easier ways to make a buck on television.

Shaq: The Real Estate Mogul

Shaq has some real estate experience. He is currently looking into real estate projects that help families facing foreclosure. Perhaps he could be a broker that specialises in houses with tall ceilings.

Shaq: The Mixed Martial Artist

Shaq is well versed in Shaq-Fu, so the MMA transition shouldn't be too hard for him. Seriously though, Shaq does attend MMA training classes. There has already been a challenge put forth by the big man towards MMA fighter Choi Hong-man. Choi has the experience, but no one has a bigger reach than Diesel.

Shaq: The Professional Scrabble Player

With a name like Shaquille, Scrabble is just second nature.

Shaq had a good career, but did he have one of the 15 best NBA Finals moments?

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