The Manager At This Kmart Got Shot In The Chest And STILL Foiled A Robbery


Photo: Google Street View

Workers at this Seattle Kmart were emptying their cash registers after-hours when they were confronted by a masked man with a gun, reports Casey McNerthney at Seattle PI.The manager didn’t appreciate that much, and he fought back.

He got shot in the chest once, and kept fighting until the suspect dropped his 9mm handgun. His assistant manager grabbed the gun and ran off with it, while the manager subdued the would-be robber, according to police. 


The manager was later taken to the hospital, where he was in critical condition. He has since been upgraded to stable, reports Christine Willmsen the Seattle Times.

Managing a big box retailer is a thankless job. Each day, there’s always a troublesome employee or angry customer that you have to deal with. Those things pale in comparison to the worse-case scenario, which this manager experienced.

There’s no word yet on what will happen to the manager. Many retailers and restaurants have strict policies against attempting to stop armed robbers to prevent situations like this from happening.

[via Consumerist]

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