The Man Who Was Supposed To Have Been Supervising The 'London Whale' Has Been Arrested

Picture: Getty Images

Former JPMorgan Chase trader Javier Martin-Artajo plans to fight possible extradition to the US after he was arrested overnight over the $6.2 billion financial scandal involving the Wall St bank.

Martin-Artajo and a junior colleague, Julien Grout, were charged with wire fraud and conspiracy to falsify books and records related to the trading losses.

The losses were executed by Bruno Iksil, nicknamed the “London Whale” for his large bets on derivatives markets.

Martin-Artajo was Iksil’s supervisor at JPMorgan’s Chief Investment Office in London. He handed himself in after being accused of trying to inflate the value of trading positions held on his group’s books.

The Australian Financial Review has the full story here.

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