This Man Walked Away From Wall Street To Start Some Of Manhattan's Hottest Bars And Restaurants— Here's Why

warren 77Warren 77, New York City

In New York City, Matt Abramyck’s name is associated with the night.He was once, however, a number crunching, spreadsheet-making, early riser like the rest of Wall Street. He left that all behind, not to rest, but rather to enter one of the most cut throat industries in the world — the business of nightlife and restaurants in New York City.

Since that transition, Abramyck  has teamed up with party stalwarts like Serge Becker and Paul Sevigny to start legendary, exclusive spots like The Beatrice and The Bunker. He’s not all about the velvet rope though, Abramyck also owns the far more relaxed sports bar, Warren 77.

Most recently, he’s opened Spanish themed restaurant Super Linda, in Tribeca. We’ve been gobbling up news about it (all good,so far), and in our gobbling came across an Abramyck interview with the Village Voice where he explains why he left one snake pit for another.

From The Voice:

You personally transitioned from finance to restaurants . . . what was your impetus for that? I think people think that’s interesting.

Yeah, to a lot of people it is because they hate their jobs. We are so progressive in our society, and it’s harder and harder to be creative in the workplace. And I think my main impetus was to be able to feel like I had more creativity. It was: “How do I express my creativity in the workplace?” I certainly didn’t like sitting and creating in Excel for tons of hours a week, but nobody that does that likes it. The people that succeed in business work beyond those first two years where they’re working their butts off. But I really didn’t see myself being satisfied by the financial component. Again, I really wanted to express myself, and I wanted to work with people who could feel a community with. Less competitive and more progressive.

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