The Mad Max costume designer Stephen Fry called a 'bag lady' just won an Oscar

Nice outfit mate… English designer? Picture: Village Roadshow

Actor Stephen Fry’s friend, Jenny Beavan, the English costume designer who he joked went to Britain’s version of the Oscars, the BAFTAs, dressed as a bag lady”, has just one another Oscar for her outfits for George Miller’s Australian film, Mad Max: Fury Road.

Her latest Academy Award for best costume design comes 30 years after her first Oscar – in 1986 for A Room with a View.

Beavan has been nominated six times for Oscars in a long and highly successful collaboration with Merchant Ivory films.

Her designs for Mad Max also won her the BAFTA for best costumes a fortnight ago, which is where Fry teased her on Twitter saying “Only one of the great cinematic costume designers would come to an awards ceremony dressed as a bag lady.”

The outrage and abuse that followed led Fry to close his Twitter account and blog that the micro-blog site was a “stalking ground for the sanctimoniously self-righteous” and populated by a humourless lynch mob.

Jenny Beaven; Photo: Getty Images.

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