The Lure Of Naked Hollywood Star Photos Sent The Internet Into Meltdown In New Zealand

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

New Zealand’s giant telecom company Spark, formerly Telecom Corp, went into meltdown after it came under a cyber attack in the guise of links promising nude photos of celebrities.

The attack came late Friday night and quickly pulled the internet into a black hole, blocking access for thousands of New Zealanders until late on Saturday night.

Spark says online traffic is back to normal today, according to

Spark says that when people clicked on celebrity nude links, they inadvertently installed the kind of software which created distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

Spokesman Conor Roberts says customer teams ad worked throughout the night to fix the problem and had put in place new processes for handling attacks, the NZ Herald said.

Spark is unsure who was behind the attack.

Radio NZ says the malware attack from overseas caused a huge spike in the number of messages sent out from the computer it was downloaded to, overloading the network.

To manage the problem, Spark disconnected customers who downloaded the malware on their computers.

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