The Lucky Country Lives Up To Its Name

Getty Images- Cameron Spencer

Australia has been named the happiest industrialised country in the world based on criteria such as jobs, income and health.

The Better Life Index produced annually by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, listed Australia ahead of Norway and the US reported by The Wall St Journal.

The OECD ranking is attributed to Australia having sidestepped the economic turmoil faced by Europe and with low levels of unemployment owing to a once-in-a-century resources boom.

The survey rates 34 member countries on categories such as housing, jobs, education, health, environment and work-life balance.

While one nation is not awarded an overall top ranking, if all 11 categories were given equal weight Australia’s cumulative rank rises to No. 1, according to the OECD website.

You can read this full report on The Wall St Journal.

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