These 4 Charts Show How Badly 'The Lone Ranger' Bombed At theatres

the lone ranger

“The Lone Ranger” bombed at the box office this weekend.

The film earned $29.4 million over the three-day weekend and $48.6 million over the entire holiday.

Just how poor are those numbers?

The Western cost an estimated $225 million to $250 million to produce. 

Initial estimates had the film earning between $60-$70 million at the end of the Independence Day weekend.

Here’s another way put Johnny Depp’s latest box-office dud into perspective.

In its first three-day weekend it performed worse than Disney’s big box-office flop “John Carter.”

the lone ranger john carter chart

(The film’s five-day performance did do better than “John Carter” — $48.9 million vs. $35.5 million.)

It barely performed better than Will Smith’s “Wild Wild West” — a Warner Bros. Western that debuted in 1999.

the lone ranger wild wild west

“Wild Wild West” was one of the costliest films ever made at an estimated $170 million back in ’99.

Universal’s poorly reviewedCowboys & Aliens” had a better opening weekend than it.

the lone ranger cowboys and aliens

2011’s “Cowboys & Aliens” cost an estimated $163 million to produce.

And the final nail in the coffin: 

Johnny Depp’s last box-office dud, “Dark Shadows” earned slightly more than the film opening weekend.

the lone ranger dark shadows

With any luck, Depp’s worldwide appeal may help the film pick up some slack at the foreign box office. So far, the film has earned just $23 million overseas.

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