This Will Be The Biggest McDonald's Ever Constructed

biggest mcdonalds

Photo: McDonald’s on Flickr

The 2012 Summer Olympics in London will be home to the largest McDonald’s ever conceived by mankind.It’s going to be a two-story 32,000 square foot fast food monolith with an army of 2,000 workers serving an estimated 1.75 million meals to up to 1,500 people at a time.

McDonald’s has posted some architect’s renderings of the super-sized restaurant on its Flickr page.

The giant temporary store is located in Stratford, east London

The two-floor complex will be the size of half a football field

McDonald's expects to serve 50,000 Big Macs and 180,000 orders of fries over the six weeks

Ingredients for all that food will be sourced from 17,500 British and Irish farms

12,000 people have applied to work at the four Olympics McDonald's locations

This is the ninth time McDonald's has been the event's official restaurant of the Olympics

The store will be open for six weeks during the 2012 London Olympics. As for the soon-to-be-second-largest McDonald's in Orlando, it will have its title back after the Olympics are over and this mammoth shuts down.

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