The Loch Ness Monster Is Not Dead. She's Just Moved To Britain

A chance photo by an automatic camera has captured the clearest image yet of the Loch Ness Monster.

Media all over the world are retweeting this incredible image. Look, it’s undeniable:

While everyone else scoffs, particularly at the fact the photo was taken on a Autographer camera by someone who takes photos for Autographer and was then tweeted out by Autographer – it’s great news for a variety of true believers.

First of all, those who are cheering on a NO in the upcoming Scottish independence vote should be pleased, because Nessie’s apparently fled south of the border to the Cumbrian lake shore at Brockhole, clearly signalling her thoughts about the whole thing.

The other lot are happy because there were fears the monster had died. Back in February, alarming reports began circulating that Nessie hadn’t been spotted for 18 months, which was highly unusual.

But there she is:

“It certainly looks real,” a spokesman for Autographer told the Daily Mail, adding that the camera took several photos before the sighting which showed no sign of hijinks.

“It’s ridiculous, but we can’t offer any logical explanation.”

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