Here's the list of candidates to replace Bronwyn Bishop as Speaker

Who will take the seat? Photo: Stefan Postles/ Getty.

Parliament resumes today following the winter break and the first item on the agenda is to vote on a replacement for the former Speaker of the House, Bronwyn Bishop.

While Russell Broadbent and Phillip Ruddock, were pegged as early contenders for the job, Victorian MP Tony Smith has since emerged as the favourite.

His name is now at the top of the list of hopefuls after Bishop’s job.

The Liberal Party has ruled out Nationals MP Bruce Scott as a candidate, with parliamentary sources telling The AFR the position will only be filled by a Liberal member and that it will be the party room that makes the final decision.

Others MPs that have emerged as potential candidates for the role as Speaker include:

  • South Australian MP Andrew Southcott
  • South Australian MP Rowan Ramsey
  • NSW frontbencher Bob Baldwin
  • Queensland MP Teresa Gambaro

These MPs are the latest candidates to be considered as Bishop’s replacement.

Here are the others:

  • Victorian MP Sharman Stone
  • Queensland MP Jane Prentice

There’s more information about the expanding list here.

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