CHART: The Likelihood Of In-App Purchasing Rises Dramatically With Number Of Apps Downloaded

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The more apps a consumer downloads, the more likely they are to make in-app purchases. While that is not too surprising, the probability that they make an in-app purchases makes a huge jump with each app downloaded.

According to analytics company Apsalar, 55 per cent of consumers with 6 or more apps downloaded have made an in-app purchase; up from 43 per cent of consumers with only 5 apps. The probability of in-app purchasing is even higher with gaming apps. The average consumer has 41 apps downloaded on their phone, according to Nielsen.

“Freemium” is now the dominant business model in mobile apps. According to a BII analysis of App Store data, 93 per cent of the 100 highest-grossing iPhone apps use in-app commerce

in app purchasing

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