New Life Story Of The Maid Is Revealed, And It Doesn't Look Good For DSK

Photo: Christies

The defence team for Dominique Strauss Kahn claims it has evidence that “severely undermines the maid’s credibility.”So of course we’ve been anxiously waiting to learn more about her and this seemingly scandalous evidence.

But based on the woman’s (2 page) life story, which we just read in the New York Times, it seems highly implausible that it exists. 

For the most part, she has an uplifting story of coming from Africa (where she was born in a mud hut, lacking electricity), and quietly working her way up by working hard. At one point she served African stew at a small restaurant in the Bronx. In school, she mostly focused on learning the Quran.

What’s vaguely “negative” is pretty thin in the story.

The New York Times says the maid had a little black book:

“One brother produced a notebook with several New York mobile phone numbers that he said were his sister’s. He has tried calling them, but no one has answered.”

And that she received asylum (possible reasons include political persecution) for an unknown reason:

“She received asylum, her lawyers have said, though they have not revealed the basis of her asylum petition to federal immigration authorities.”

It also says she went from working behind bullet-proof glass at a restaurant in an unsafe neighbourhood to getting a job at the Sofitel:

One day, the woman told Mr. Jabbie that she was leaving the restaurant for a better paycheck at the Sofitel Hotel.

We supposed the unanswered question is: how’d she get that gig?

And she also says she got into the country by some unknown means, and that everyone who is educated in Guinea probably knows who DSK is. But none of these seem to us like areas that might have lead to any discovery that “seriously undermines” the maid’s credibility, which makes it all the more likely that DSK will have to settle.

Then again, maybe this story is just another settlement negotiation tactic orchestrated by the maid’s lawyer.

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