The Life Of A Facebook Millionaire Is Exactly As Glamorous As You Imagine

russia gold, medvedev looking at goldKevin Colleran visited Russia as this guy’s guest.

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Earlier today we posted an extensive Q&A with Facebook’s seventh employee, Kevin Colleran. Having joined the company as its first ad salesman so early, Colleran is one of these Facebook millionaires you keep hearing about.

Colleran quit his job at Facebook last summer and, having decided he “wanted to be employed in some capacity,” he’s just taken a job as a partner at a fancy Boston venture capital firm for six months.

(That’s the goal for all of us right? To get to a place where we can work because we want to, not because we have to?)

Readers handy with a calendar will point out that there is a six month gap between the jobs.

So what’d Colleran do during that time?

Live the life, obviously.

He told us:

We did a month in Europe and a month in Africa with a couple of other Facebook people. I spent time in Russia as the guest of Medvedev. 

I spent tons of time on the West Coast with the old Facebook crew – Dave Morin, Zuckerberg, all my close friends, Sean Parker etc.

We leave next week and do an Asia trip: China, Japan, and a couple others.

Catch that bit about Russia? Not only did Colleran go there, he went as the guest of the President.

Yes, it’s safe to say: The life of a Facebook millionaire is exactly as glamorous as you imagined.

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