The Liberal Party says #FakeTradie is the real deal. So, who is he?

Photo: Twitter.

A new Liberal Party election commercial is going viral on Twitter.

The protagonist in the 30-second TV ad, which began screening last night, is portrayed as a tradesman talking about his support for negative gearing and the banks.

Not everyone believes it.

"Bill Shorten even wants to go to war with someone like me, who just wants to get ahead through an investment property," he says in an uncomfortable accent that sits somewhere between ocker and butch.

"Well, I tell you what happens when you get a war going on the economy: people like me lose their jobs."

See it in full here.

People are criticising the ad, claiming the subject is most likely an actor and saying it’s out of touch with those who are actually employed as tradespeople.

But the Liberal Party insists the star of the ad is actually as real tradie and the ad is working perfectly.

A spokesperson said:

“We are very pleased that people are talking about this ad which highlights the risks of Bill Shorten’s war on business. The tradie is real, unlike Mr Shorten’s claims about Medicare.”

Here are the memes people are posting on Twitter about the ad.

Some pointed the finger at Andrew MacRae, a voice artist at Medina Inc, as being the person in the ad.

MacRae has denied it.

Someone has also created a Fake Tradie Twitter account.

Even Opposition leader Bill Shorten has contributed his two cents to the debate.

Do you know this man?

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