The knives are out for Joe Hockey

Federal treasurer Joe Hockey. Photo: Getty Images

Knives are out for federal treasurer Joe Hockey.

Fairfax Media reports cabinet members have been urging prime minister Tony Abbott to dump Hockey if the Canning by-election on September 19 shows a vicious swing against the Coalition.

The seat of Canning has been held by the Liberal Party for the almost 15 years, with a margin of 11.8%, but with the death of the member for Canning, Don Randall, in July, it is now looking under threat.

Recent polling in the seat shows it has the potential of falling to Labor, with a swing of as much as 10 per cent forecast.

Social services minister Scott Morrison is being touted replacement treasurer.

But dumping Hockey comes with potential risk. Not only did Abbott promise the treasurer would stay in his job until the next election no matter how his second budget was received, public perspective of political back-stabbing has not favoured parties in the past.

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