The latte is Australia's favourite coffee and here's where they are the cheapest

Photo: Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Payments company Square, which plans to expand further in Australia, has released data from coffee shops already using its software.

The data shows a latte is the most popular order in Australia. Combined with the cappucino and flat white, they account for three quarters of coffee orders. The long black is at just 5%.

Square also released a table showing the relative prices of coffees in different states. It seems cafes have priced their coffees based on popularity, with the latte the most expensive type nationally, although the price varies considerably, from over $4 on average in the Northern Territory and Queensland to $3.48 in Tasmania.

Tasmania seems to be good value all around, having one of the lowest average prices for each of the different kinds of coffee. A cup there is more than a dollar cheaper on average than in Western Australia.

There are a couple of explanations for this, most notably the average earnings in each state. A recent release from Treasury shows Tasmania with the lowest average weekly earnings in Australia, almost $200 a week below the national average.

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