The Latest Victim Of Our Crappy Dollar: Would-Be Wii Fit Buyers


Nintendo’s Wii Fit exercise game went on sale last month in the U.S., about a month after its European debut and several months after its Japanese release. Demand is high here, and supply is low. But thanks to the weak dollar, replenishing its U.S. supply isn’t Nintendo’s priority.

Nintendo has made about 7 million copies of the game, Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter estimates: 3 million were shipped to Japan, 2 million were shipped to Europe, 500,000 were shipped to the U.S, and another 1.5 million are in transit. So, if all things were equal, the U.S. should get a larger share of the 1.5 million remaining units. But Pachter estimates that we’ll only get one third — another 500,000.

Why? Because our money isn’t worth as much as theirs. The Wii Fit retails for about $140 in Europe — $50 more than it sells here. So until European demand slows, don’t expect to see many Wii Fits in stock here.

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