The Last Word On DRM-Free Music: No One Cares

Man, do we love Bob Lefsetz! We spend all this time trying to carefully argue the case that the benefits of DRM-free music are overrated, and Bob just nails it in a paragraph:

And one more thing.  For those so ignorant, for those at the labels getting their music for free…  The only people who care about DRM/copyright protection ARE THOSE WHO ARE STEALING THEIR MUSIC!  People who pay at the iTunes Store don’t give a shit.  Which is why the DRM-free tracks at Amazon and eventually MySpace Music are not taking over the market.  You hear a lot of noise from the Net prognosticators, but those savvy enough to bitch online are also savvy enough to use BitTorrent.

We’d provide a link, but Bob is so old school that he publishes his screeds via newsletter first, then eventually puts them on his blog. Eventually, though, you’ll find Bob’s entire text here.

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