The Last Laptop: Apple’s new MacBook Pro is the greatest, and perhaps final, version of the personal computer.

If Apple weren’t so orderly, disciplined, and predictably well run, you could almost call it schizophrenic. On the one hand, it’s the world’s most successful mobile technology company—the firm that sparked the smartphone and tablet boom, and the only one that’s reaping any significant profits from these new devices. Apple, more than any other company, is banking on what it calls the “post-PC” era, an age in which we get most of our stuff done on small, Internet-connected portable machines, not the hulking desktops and notebooks that now clutter our lives. Note that at its developer conference on Monday, most of Apple’s innovations were reserved for its mobile operating system. While it did announce several new features for a new version of the Mac OS, many of them—as Wired‘s Steven Levy points out—were imports first invented for Apple’s phones and tablets.

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