In Las Vegas, A Wedding Wagon Will Marry You For $99

Las Vegas Wedding Wagon

Photo: Courtesy of Las Vegas Wedding Wagon

And now, here’s one more way to marry that guy you met last night in Las Vegas — call the Las Vegas Wedding Wagon and get hitched in 10 minutes for a cool $99.The wagon is operated by Andy Gonzalez and James Cass, two entrepreneurs looking to cash in on a city where 7,000 to 9,000 couples get married every month.

Gonzalez and Cass got the idea for the wagon after studying another one of Vegas’ businesses that runs out of the back of a van, according to an ABC News feature on the wagon.

“We were saying, ‘Should we pull the trigger?’ and then we saw that story about the Hangover Bus,” Gonzalez said to ABC News, referring to Vegas’ Hangover Heaven bus. “When we saw that, we said ‘Anything is possible’.”

Gonzalez and Cass are now ordained ministers and have officiated four weddings since the wagon’s debut last week. The two owners told ABC News if they can perform four to six weddings a day, they can earn as much as they were earning in the corporate world.

To get married at the wagon, you are required to obtain a marriage licence beforehand. Other than that, the wagon is all-inclusive, with a minister (Cass or Gonzalez), wedding photos and even a free T-shirt if you use the wagon before the end of July.

The wagon has a list of “preferred locations” in Vegas where you can reserve it, like in front of the “Welcome to Las Vegas sign” or on a picturesque pedestrian bridge.

But in the event you need to get married fast, you can beckon the wagon’s services immediately with a call or text between noon and 9 p.m. Gonzalez told ABC News that the wagon will travel “all the way down to Boulder City, where the Dam is, and out into Red Rock Canyon.”

Unfortunately, that means a middle-of-the-night drunken wedding in New York City is out of the picture.

[via VegasChatter]

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