The Ladies Of The NY Auto Show Asked To Explain Bailout Proceedings


Sometimes it just feels good to yell at the lowliest of employees, even if it makes no difference. For instance, if your iPod freezes constantly, ripping an Apple store employee feels great, though that single rip probably won’t hit Steve Jobs’ ears.

We’re hoping that was what ran through the mind of hecklers last weekend at the New York Auto Show who razzed the models that stand next to the cars.

Via the NYT:

“I try to explain that we’re not involved in corporate decisions, so complaining to us doesn’t really make a lot of sense,” said Kerri Moss, standing on a large turntable next to a Jeep 4X4 Laredo, a Chrysler product.

One G.M. presenter said a woman told her the company was responsible for the death of American soldiers in Iraq. The logic went like this: if G.M. made more fuel-efficient cars, the country would not need so much oil, and if the country did not need oil, United States troops would never have invaded.

We think the nuances of what’s happening on a corporate level might be out of the grasp of some of the ladies:

First time, some G.M. presenters are wearing the same outfits they wore last year.

“We used to get a new one every season,” said Christine Alt Parry, during a break from her duties beside a black 2010 GMC Terrain, wearing the flower-pattern dark blazer and black slacks she wore a year ago. “I think they’re trying to save some money.”

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