The Labor Party's Ad Agency Offered A 'Kevin Interview' In Exchange For Free Ads

Photo: Getty / Brendon Thorne

Advertising agency Naked Communications offered the editors of youth-focused editorial websites interviews with the Prime Minister for free ad space.

According to a report by Fairfax Media, the agency offered its youth website TheVine, as well as Vice and “Kevin Interviews” in exchange for pro-ALP editorial and ad space.

After TheVine’s editor told them no, Naked Communications executive Nick Kavanagh, according to Fairfax, wrote this in an email:

“To be honest we’re pretty disappointed that you would be unable to facilitate this … We have offered your organisation a unique opportunity … yet you’re unable to provide us with any advertising support in return?”

Both the Labor Party and the agency said the Prime Minister’s office was not consulted. And according to the article, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd personally decided to fire Naked Communications.

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